Rannsjön I-V

For quite some time I’m having the loveliest early morning walks or bike rides. As soon as our daughter is off to school, which is around 8 AM, I’m ready and very willing to be active outdoors. The other week I hopped on my bike and I had this trip

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Love for leaves

When we were about to move I didn’t dread many things. The contrary really as there were so many things to look forward to! But having to give up on my plants was just terrible! Of course I knew I couldn’t take all my plants with me as I had

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Hidden treasures

Not everything in life stays fun forever. Or tasty. Or bad. But nature just never ever bores me. Nature never ever disappoints. No matter the weather it’s always a treat and a sight for sore eyes. Even though our home is located in the middle of a forest we still

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Never before a house felt like home this quickly. People following me on IG will know that at the end of 2017 we’ve emigrated to Sweden. One of the best decisions ever! After the house hunt and a little renovation, which all together lasted four months, we moved from our

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