Rannsjön I-V

For quite some time I’m having the loveliest early morning walks or bike rides. As soon as our daughter is off to school, which is around 8 AM, I’m ready and very willing to be active outdoors.

The other week I hopped on my bike and I had this trip planned. A trip that we once drove with the car. I thought I knew exactly how to ride it but a little later on I realised I took the wrong excit. I decided to drive on as I was sure I would see some signs soon but I didn’t. As a matter of fact I didn’t see anything but trees, water, birds and a moose. There wasn’t one single house there for a very long time and I felt like the only one in the world. I loved it! Even though I was sort of lost I felt really blessed riding there on my bike. I live for discovering new places and this area was extremely beautiful! There was this lake which I could see through the trees and I decided that I had to come back with my husband and daughter. Our daughter just loves playing in and around water!

At one point I decided to phone my husband just to share the excitement and to tell him I got lost. But as soon as I grabbed my telephone I noticed I didn’t have a signal. So OK, I couldn’t phone him but it also meant I couldn’t check Google Maps to see where I’d ended up. Oh well, let’s just carry on then…

A little later I was able to make calls but the signal was this weak we kept being disconnected and I still couldn’t check Google Maps. My husband checked Google Maps on his computer for me and after telling him how many kilometers I’ve been cycling he’d figured out where I was at. Now I knew how to ride back home and I continued one of the best bike rides ever! Quite a funny little adventure, right?!

A few days later I went back there, together with my family. Just like me they both loved the area. We stopped the car and walked towards the lake. The water, the sky, everything there was just looking breathtaking! After shooting some photos the light completely changed and everything looked even better now! Wow! I was so excited! The lake’s called Rannsjön and it’s located somewhere between my hometown Sunne and Munkfors. We spent some good quality time there and five new prints for Loveprinted were born! In my opinion Rannsjön I-V are too beautiful not to share, so there you go!

Hope you like them as much as I do! For more information about sizes and prices, please click here.  Don’t forget you’ll get a 10% off when subscribing to our newsletter and a whopping 25% off when you buy two prints and you’ll use the couponcode. The code is shown in the web shop and valid until May 31st. Happy new week!

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  1. Stoer hoor. Zou het doodeng vinden om in zo’n verlaten omgeving te verdwalen 🙂
    Maar het is daar inderdaad adembenemend mooi!

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