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When we were about to move I didn’t dread many things. The contrary really as there were so many things to look forward to! But having to give up on my plants was just terrible! Of course I knew I couldn’t take all my plants with me as I had about 60 of them. Storing them in Holland with the moving company would mean the end of them. They’d be in dark containers all the time. Taking all of them in the car surely wasn’t a possibility and not even allowed. When a man of the moving company stopped by our Dutch home at the time I didn’t even know you’re not even allowed to take plants into Sweden. That came as a big shock! I was planning to take a few of them with us in the car and now I learned that I wasn’t allowed to. That didn’t stop me though. I carefully packed about 5 of my favourites as it was winter and I took some cuttings of others. The rest of them all found new homes. 

Giving up on some of them made me really sad. I had this really big Sparmannia Africana, bought as a really small plant, and it was so incredibly dear to me. As you may know the Sparmannia Africana aren’t the easiest of plants and it took me a while to get to know the beauty. But luckily I got the hang of it and it was just growing and growing and it gave me such a satisfied feeling. Putting the effort in and being rewarded, I loved it! Non of the people I knew wanted to take over this beloved plant as they knew it can be a difficult plant or they just don’t really like plants anyways. Through internet I found these people who loved to have it and they reassured me they would take good care of it. Hopefully it’s still going strong. Of course I took a cutting. I took two! Luckily one of them survived the move and it keeps getting bigger and more beautiful every day. I even gave it a ‘haircut’ and took a cutting. So hopefully soon I can put them together in the same flowerpot and it can grow into one big lush plant. Just like its big sister from Holland. All’s well that ends well! 

I can’t imagine a home without plants. For me it’s not complete without them. And taking care of them is equally as fun as looking at them. I was so glad when we bought our house in Sunne. It meant it was time to buy new plants again. I’ve been in love with this China Rose Coleus plant for such a long time but I couldn’t find it anywhere in Holland. Here in Sweden many people love the China Rose plant so it was quite easy to get my hands on a cutting. When in sunlight it has this bright pink colour, it’s just wonderful! I’m happy with the new green tribe and there are never too many! Do you have a thing with plants? 

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4 Responses

  1. Zo bijzonder, jullie verhuizing en dan inderdaad met de planten. Lastige keuze, maar ook mooie keuzes die volgden.

    1. Dankjewel voor je reactie, Mirjam! 🙂 Uiteindelijk is het allemaal weer goed gekomen. Hoop alleen zo dat de kamerlinde bij die mensen nog leeft. :/

  2. I love my plants, and hated leaving them in Holland as well. Didn’t know you can’t take them, and took one I really loved. The rental house we have now came with a lot of plants we got to borrow. Most are not really my taste, but they were in bad shape as the house had not been lived in for almost a year, and I love nursing them back to health. Most of them are doing really great now they are watered regulary and most got new pots, and that gives me so much joy.

    1. Dat deed ik idd in het huurhuis in Småland ook. De planten die er stonden zou ik zelf ook nooit gekocht hebben maar het zorgen er voor was gewoon zo fijn! Voordat je het weet zorg jij weer voor je eigen plantjes! 🙂

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