Never before a house felt like home this quickly. People following me on IG will know that at the end of 2017 we’ve emigrated to Sweden. One of the best decisions ever! After the house hunt and a little renovation, which all together lasted four months, we moved from our rental home in Småland to our lovely house in Värmland. Funny fact is that today last year a Dutch moving company arrived at our home in Sunne to bring us all the things we had stored there. Big things like a our own sofa and the piano were, at that stage, missed badly. But it was also really good to have the small things back. Things like plates and cutlery, your ówn plates and cutlery, you know what I mean?!

We couldn’t be happier living here in the middle of a forest. And everywhere you go it’s just so beautiful. So we’ve been living in Sunne for exactly one year now. It’s been a wonderful year! Decorating our home was a real treat. It all went really naturally as I just knew from the start the way we’d like it. Choosing the wallpapers was perhaps the trickiest part as there was so much to choose from.

All this time we’ve also been working on Loveprinted. For quite some time I felt I wanted to do more with my photography. People were being enthusiastic about my photos and that made me really happy. It still does! It’s ever so lovely when people send you a message telling you about the amazing feeling they had when they saw your photo on IG. I wanted to share my photos in a bigger way! That’s how Loveprinted arose.

I love bringing my camera into the forest and take photos of all the beauty around me. I just know instantly when a photo will end up in our Loveprinted web shop. It’s this special feeling I get. This feeling guides me while making our collection.

In March we’d launched the graphic print collection. With my love for graphic design and my husband being a web designer it was just a matter of time. All the quotes are close to my heart. Just like our nature prints, we will often add some new designs too. Want to stay up to date about this? Do subscribe to our newsletter! It’ll also give you a 10% discount on your next order.

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