Hidden treasures

Not everything in life stays fun forever. Or tasty. Or bad. But nature just never ever bores me. Nature never ever disappoints. No matter the weather it’s always a treat and a sight for sore eyes. Even though our home is located in the middle of a forest we still go on adventure in nature somewhere else. We love those trips as a family!

I count myself very lucky to be living here. Countryside living in Sweden is truly a blessing. Everywhere you go it’s just so incredibly beautiful. Imagine there being lots of little side roads, which there are, it’s always a surprise where you’ll end up. Hidden treasures after many bends. 

It’s extra fun when we find quirky things from the past. Like what we think used to be a sawmill. And an abandoned house always brings me joy. Those houses are extremely photogenic and I also adore snooping around a bit. You’ll find those houses here a lot. I always wonder why it ended up looking like this. If only walls could speak. Very interesting! 

I don’t think I will ever grow tired of nature and its creatures who live there. On our last trip we met many toads and frogs and saw loads of their spawn. With all the flowers popping up, the birds building nests, the temperature rising and the toads and frogs doing their things…it’s safe to say spring is really here. 

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3 Responses

  1. Je hebt gelijk; natuur verveeld nooit. Er valt zoveel te ontdekken “buiten”.
    Ik heb ook iets met “oud”, met vergane glorie. Dat is inderdaad altijd ontzettend fotogeniek!
    Mooie “plaatjes” maakte je weer.

    1. Hartstikke bedankt Alet! Ja prachtig hè, dat afgebladderde, dat versleten…geeft zoveel charme. Is met mensen eigenlijk net zo, toch?! 🙂

      1. De natuurlijke, authentieke uitstraling zonder “te veel” opsmuk…… Inderdaad helemaal mee eens! Alhoewel….. die rimpels als ik in de spiegel kijk 😉 haha

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